Sunday, December 28, 2008

1 Year!!!

Wonderful Curtis and Melody Linton, our aunt and uncle on my mom's side gave us this video for our anniversary! What a great gift and well made movie! I had to lower the quality a lot to get it online, but I hope you all enjoy.

Monday, December 22, 2008

December Update

It's been a while since we've updated and since I've read any blogs, but we'll try to catch up during our time off. Jeremy and I are both off of work till next year! Here's what we've been busy doing (not necessarily in order):

1) Weekend yard work. The neighbors helped us rake up our leaves, bury our dog, and trim down our persimmon tree. It was the big trash pick-up in our neighborhood. The junk by our sidewalk was swiped up in literally 5 minutes. Wow.

2) Christmas Tree Lane. We went on the second walking night with Jazzy. It was very crowded.

3) Decorating our house for Christmas. We actually have quite a few decorations that we got as wedding presents last year. No real tree, though. Maybe next year!

4) New recipes. Our favorite right now is pizza bites.

5) Babysitting a family from the Alluvial ward from a Thursday through Sunday. Good extra Christmas money!

6) Friends. We've been trying to catch up with our buddies and actually doing stuff with them, not just wishing we could. We had a blast playing the new game of LIFE with Staci and Marshal Robinson, and their baby Lily.

7) Grandma's grave. We were able to see the new headstone before church when the weather was beautiful on Sunday. It turned out very nicely.

8) Jeremy is still working hard at Decipher. His company gets Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday off this week for Christmas and next week for New Years. Jeremy took Monday and Tuesday off for both weeks so we can spend a ton of time together! He definitely deserves some time off after much overtime and even some double-time.

9) I am working as a long-term sub at Garfield Elementary. My class consists of 5 Deaf and Hard of Hearing students. I am extremely blessed to have this job till their teacher returns after maternity leave some time around March. The students, interpreters, and staff are so fun and welcoming. This has kept me very busy and tired, and the lack of housework has definitely started to show!

10) Jeremy went to his work Christmas party (unfortunately it was employees only) while I babysat for the Wards. I love their musical trees in the front!

11) Christmas shopping/making/baking. Can't give too much away. And this year we can actually concentrate on Christmas because we're not preoccupied thinking about our wedding!

12) Planning our first year anniversary. Our dream was a cruise but our funds told us otherwise. We were thinking Las Vegas, but now we're leaning towards Magic Mountain on New Years Eve. Who knows? We just hope we have fun!

13) Our ward calling in the nursery, and our ward Christmas party on Saturday.

Well, after listing our activities it doesn't seem like we've done a whole lot, but it sure has felt like it! I probably forgot a few things here and there, but our December sure has been fun and it will just get better! Also, as of yesterday (12/21), I have been an endowed member of the Church for a whole year!

We truly have been blessed. Merry Christmas to all!