Thursday, October 30, 2008

Jon + Kate + 8 + The Soup = Awesomeness

Janice and I love watching Jon and Kate Plus 8, it's hilarious to watch the dynamics of the family and each of their personalities. One of the things that I really like is what a good example Jon is of a great husband (most of the time.) Kate sometimes is a drama queen and Jon is usually very patient and doesn't get frustrated or angry with her. I'm sure Janice will add some more reasons why we love the show later, as well as fix all my grammar mistakes :)
One of the other shows we really enjoy watching is "The Soup". If you haven't seen it before, it is a show where the host, Joel McHale, stands around and makes fun of all the hilarious moments from the last week's TV shows. For example, if someone did something stupid on survivor, he would show the clip from the show and then make fun of it. It's awesome because Janice and I love seeing what we missed and remembering the funny things we saw and having their funniness validated. Well one of those funny moments comes from Jon & Kate + 8. Below is the actual clip, I think it speaks for itself.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Picture Game

Grab your camera &
take pictures of the following WITHOUT cleaning up!
(I got this from Jennifer's blog)


I swear I did the dishes earlier today.
What else is there to do when you're home sick?


Our "master" bath is SO little!


In the hot garage...Boo!


I swear half our fridge is soda.


The closest thing we have to kids:
Squirt (eating) and Jazzy (scratching).


They were $4 from Payless!


Most of the pics were blurry, but I love the family room because it has our comfy love seat and our DVR!


Anywhere with my hubby!


I have sliding doors so I had to take two pictures (No, these are not all of my clothes -- naturally the spare bedroom closet holds my other clothes. And like Jennifer's, I color sort mine).

Now it's your turn! Have fun!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

YES on 8

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Ace of Cakes

We love the show from the Food Network Channel and we love cake, so why not make our own? Jeremy found a fondant recipe online (made from marshmallows and powdered sugar) and it was his grandpa's and niece's birthdays this weekend. What a perfect time to try a new hobby!

Half of the cake was for Grandpa Reed
(manly blue stripes).

The other half of the cake was for Lily
(cute girlie polka dots).

Together, it made a pretty cool looking cake.

It was super yummy inside and out.
White cake with Funfetti chip frosting and colorful fondant on top!

Next, we'll need to experiment with multiple layers and even more colors and decorations.

Have an event coming up? We're taking orders!

Saturday, October 4, 2008


We have a new addition to our family!
Jazzy, the Australian Shepherd mix dog!

We got her yesterday from the Clovis Pet Adoption Center (on Villa between Barstow and Bullard) after looking at different dogs and different shelters for a few days.

Although we do have Squirt, our parakeet, we have been wanting a dog for a long time. I always grew up with dogs, (big and little, outside and inside) and Jeremy has never have the privilege (he's lived in unfenced country in Sanger his whole life) and always wanted one.

Jazzy was known as the "office dog" at the shelter because she was so calm, friendly, and loving. No matter how many dogs barked at her out of jealousy or how many new people visited the office, she always remained happy and serene. She was tranquil but not boring because she loved to lick and rub up against her well-known friends working the office.

We learned only a few things about Jazzy. For example, she is approximately 5 years old, medium in size, she knows how to walk properly on a leash, and she is very good at sitting on command.

We bought some essentials before picking her up and then went on an exciting car ride to PetSmart to pick out food and other fun things with Jazzy. Now that she's home with us, we've discovered that she doesn't like toys (in fact, she whines in fright at anything that squeaks), she's a picky eater, she likes taking a bath, she crosses her legs like a lady, and she LOVES attention and love.

In her new home, she is learning new tricks like stay, lie down, go ni-night, go out, etc. She is making a lot of progress and is hopefully very happy with her new home!