Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Just one of those days...

Did I close the garage door this morning? Did I lock my car when I got to work? What else did I foget to do? Who forgets these things right after they may (or may not) have happened? Apparently, I do! This short-term memory loss was not a good start to my day! I must need to take my vitamins.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Baby Lincoln!

Lindsey Davis, my sister 2 years older than me finally had her baby! Lincoln Wayne Davis born around 9:15pm last night, 9lbs 4oz and 19". He is sooooo adorable!

This is Jared and Lindsey's second child. Lily, the first was born while I was on my mission in Orlando so I didn't get to see my big sister pregnant, in the hospital, or be there right after Lily was born. So this felt like the first for me and boy was I excited. She went in yesterday around 2:30pm to be induced, and it wasn't until around 5 that she got a room and received some patosum (i have no idea what that is or if that's how it's spelled). Lindsey was worried about giving birth this time because the last time was not a pleasant or short experience, she was in labor with Lily (I'm told) for around 14 hours, but Lily was worth it! Lindsey was not excited to have it go so long or so painful again, but luckily it wasn't a repeat at all! Janice and I went to the hospital around 8:30 prepared to wait it out until at least 11-12. We wanted to see that baby! But after waiting only 1 hour Jared came out with amazing news, "HE'S BORN!" He also came out with some stunning video of "Lincoln" soon after birth, being weighed and crying as every newborn out of the womb should! We couldn't wait to go and see him and Lindsey.
After less than an hour of waiting we all got to go in and see them. What surprised me most as we walked into the room wasn't how adorable Lincoln was, I expected that, but how amazing Lindsey looked! When you see people in movies and scrapbooks after giving birth they are normally covered in sweat, their hair strewn about in a greaseball of mess and an anguished loving look on their face. But of all those the only one Lindsey had was the loving look on her face. Her hair was perfect, she was smiling away and looked like she had gone in for a normal doctor's appointment and come out with a baby! What a relief from what she was expecting, I'm sure!


Come on, you be the judge!

The Short, Davis, and Reed families all got a chance to hold little "dewbie" as was his nickname in the womb and it was so great! He was a very solid little baby, pretty heavy for his height it seems. He had dark hair and quite a bit. I couldn't really tell who's facial features he had, some said he looked a lot like Lily, but others weren't really sure.

Janice and I were SOOOOO happy we went to the hospital to be there for the experience, we both decided that it was the best way we could have ever spent the night. It was definitely one of the coolest experiences I've ever had and I'm so happy for them.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

The January Update

Apparently our blog has turned into monthly updates. Where did all the free time go? I guess that's what happens when you grow up and get a full-time job. Who knew?

So the last blog was a video of our wedding to celebrate our first anniversary. The one before that was an end of November / beginning of December update. I bet everyone is dying to know what happened to us over Christmas and New Years. I shall oblige...somewhat. It's been a while.

We had our first Christmas this year. On Christmas Eve we went to Jeremy's grandparent's house (the Reeds) in Sanger. We enjoyed some great soup, yummy Swedish snowballs, and an awesome game of turkey leg dominoes (of course, I won!). We opened presents. The Reeds got us a food storage starter kit and a 72-hour emergency backpack kit. Awesome! We then went to the Shorts' home to spend the night. Christmas morning we got some cool presents from the Shorts -- Jeremy got lots of tools and fun things that he's been hoping for. I got a cute sweater and a black giraffe purse! Our stockings had great stuff, too!

Then we were at the Brown home on Christmas morning. Breakfast included muffins and danishes at around 10am. But right after that my half siblings came over for lunch at 11am! So we had both breakfast and lunch within 2 hours. Now that's a feast! Now to the presents. I love presents. I got a brown giraffe purse, wallet, blanket, plate, and pillow (my new obsession, I guess), brown Sketcher boots, footsie pj's, a watch, some clothes, a Disneyland sweatshirt (we're going in the spring!), and season passes to Magic Mountain! Jeremy got some shirts, slippers, a Grumpy sweatshirt (for our Disneyland trip), and goodies in his stocking.

We then went home to exchange our own gifts for each other. Jeremy got me a new car stereo so now I can play MP3's! I gave Jeremy a new Fossil watch, snowboarding boots, and shoes. We're kinda boring but that's what we wanted! After a nap we caught a movie with my family. Bedtime Stories was a cute one.

Christmas night all my extended family gathered at Retired Teachers for our holiday party. Rob, Danno, and I met early to practice our "band." I think it turned out well. Rob played bass, Danno played mandolin, and I played piano. The party included the music, some good Mexican food, a white-elephant type game, and a gift exchange. It was a blast to have all of the family together again!

On New Years Eve (and to "celebrate" our anniversary), Rob, Cody, Jeremy and I went to Magic Mountain! The lines were long at first but by the evening, everyone else in the park was ready to party instead of go on the rides. The weather was great and we got to go on pretty much everything. We were all exhausted and some of us felt pretty sick but we still had a great time! Of course, X2 broke down right when we were about to get on it the second time, but it turns out that Tatsu is an awesome ride with a lot smaller line. I think we went on it 3 times or so! Then we rang in the New Year with a few fireworks and tons of strangers. Thankfully we got a cheap but very nice hotel room so we could sleep and leave the next day (we also went back after dinnertime to take a nap before going on 6 more hours of rides). What a long and tiring day! We love spending time with Rob and Cody and we can't wait to go again soon! Hopefully Dan and Kham can come with us next time (they got season passes, too).

After the New Year we just enjoyed what was left of our vacation. Going back to work was pretty hard, and still is, but that's how it goes! Jeremy has moved to a different team in his company so he works with a new group of people focusing on a specific client. I am back at Garfield till February 10th. I will miss my students and will really miss having a steady subbing job.